How to use best local guide app

It is very intuitive

Our audio guide app is very easy to use, very intuitive in its operation to make things easier for you. Simply download it from your appstore, purchase the tour of your choice and start enjoying it.
Select your destination

Select your destination

For example, Ireland Best Local Guide

The first thing you need to do is to know the destination you want to travel to. For example, if you want to visit Ireland, you should enter Ireland Best Local Guide in the appstore search engine and our app guide will appear.

Download from appstores

Available on App Store and Google Play

You can download Best Local Guide for both your Iphone IOS and Android smartphone from the App Store and Google Play download platforms.
download Best local guide app
Select your preferred tour

Purchuase the tour of your choice

The payment method is safe and secure

With a couple of clicks you can buy the tour you want and in a few seconds you will have it active in the app.

Start tour

It's very easy

Click on the Start Tour button and you can start the experience, whether you are on location or at home. Remember that this content will always be available to you.
Start Best local guide tour

GPS system

Works offline

Best Local Guide works offline, so you don't need an internet connection once you've downloaded the tour. This is possible thanks to the GPS technology on your smartphone.

Geolocation activated

Best Local Guide will know where you are

You don't have to worry about searching for points of interest in the application, as when you are near one of them, its audio will automatically jump out.
app gelocation
Route map

Route on the map

Well-studied routes

You can do the route as you like, start at the point of interest you want, jump to a different one, but you can also follow our advice. We have studied the routes very well so that you can do the tour in the shortest time possible and so that you can get to know and enjoy the excursion as much as possible.

Audio, photos and text

Many details

As well as listening to the narration we have prepared for you when you arrive at the point of interest, you can read our comments and see more detailed photos in the app.
tour details